Originally published in 2008, Magickal Mermaids & Water Creatures has been re-released with a new cover and forward by Skye Alexander. Writer D.J. Conway is a well-known author is the metaphysic book realm. With over 30 books in the field, many of her books have beloved places among bookshelves across the world. As a personal fan of her writing, I was thrilled to review her book on Mermaids. While the author left the earthly plain in 2019, her writing lives on. With this re-release I hope a new generation of readers will discover her work.

Humankind has been fascinated with the sea and her creatures for thousands of years. Mermaids and mermen are no exception in our fascination with the ocean. In her book she explores the various legends and lore of mermaids and the areas they reside. One element that is not often thought of is that the merfolk can be found not just in oceans but also in inland rivers, streams, marshes, and waterfalls. The author explains that the merfolk travel easily between this world and the astral planes so only those who truly seek to know them may be blessed with their appearances.

The book is broken down into four parts. Part one coves the Introduction to Mermaids and water creatures. The chapters explore the secret powers of the mermaids, the legends, seeking them out for friendship and help, and other magickal creatures of the oceans. She provides meditations to meet them as well as simple rituals you can do even if you are not close to the water. Her writing style is easy to understand and the reader can follow along whether they are new to magickal workings or an experienced magickal follower. I really enjoyed the chapter that focused on the other magickal creatures of the oceans. Many of them were new to me and I found this section fascinating. Next we go to Part Two, The Water Folk where the reader explores the different types of water folk. The author talks about the water folk of the elements, rivers, small streams and waterfalls, swamps and wetlands, lakes, and eve desert and arid regions.

Part three is Connections, Warnings and Power. The chapters in this section focus on the connection between Dragons, Faeries, and the mer-folk. The author also covers the dangerous water folk and the Earth Power in Water Magick. The final section, Part four covers the rituals for Mermaids and Water Folk. This is where she gives meditations as well as Mermaid and Water Spells.

For anyone who doesn’t already have this book on their shelf, I recommend getting a copy of the re-release. The content is just as enjoyable as it was when released over a decade ago.

~review by Amber Barnes

Author: D.J. Conway
Weiser Books, Dec 1, 2019
pp. 192, $16.95