Ancient Egypt has captured the interest and imagination of millions across the globe. Historians have been deconstructing and translating the Ancient Egyptian mysteries and languages since the ruins have been found. The hieroglyphic symbols hold a magic and power of their own. In the book Hieroglyphic Words of Power, author Normandi Ellis will take you on a journey to explore how to use the symbols of power with amulets, creating your own cards, dream work, meditation, divinity readings and more.

While the reader makes their way thru the book, it feels as though the reader is taking a class or an expedition to Egypt with the author. There is a lot of historical and metaphysical information packed within the pages. She has written several books on Ancient Egypt, teaches online classes, and even escorts guests on tours of Egypt. While the book itself may take time to absorb, there are so many avenues to read up and learn to better understand Ancient Egypt and the culture. It may help the reader to check out some of the other resources as an Egypt 101 first if they struggle with the material.

The book focuses on how words are magic and operate on many levels via both sound and symbol. The book will demonstrate how the reader can use hieroglyphics to manifest desires, and intentions. Once you have gone over the basics, the majority of the book is the Words of Power, the Hieroglyphs. Each entry has an image as well as a photograph, the nine interpretations that can be used. This section has sixty hieroglyphs to learn and work with and is a handy guide to have on your shelf to reference when needed.

The last section is the layouts for card divinations for readings. Each is well explained with images for your own practice. Overall this was a good book but it is not for the casual or light reader.
~review by Amber Barnes

Author: Normandi Ellis
Bear & Company, 2020
pp. 336, $20.00