If you are looking to learn and connect with the Queens of the Fae, this book is a great read. Whether you want to learn more or take the next step to connect and visit with these Queens, Pagan Portals Fairy Queens is written for all levels of experience.
The book is set up to first introduce you the hierarchy among the Good people. Author Morgan Daimler starts you out with a basic guide on dealing with a Fairy Queen. She covers manners, bowing, accepting food and gifts, and that no is an option. These are important guidelines to read and listen to before trying to communicate with this race.

She guides you on the main ways to connect the Fairy Queens using guided meditations and journeywork. Guided meditations are best if someone can read the passage or you can record yourself reading it to play later. Meditation allows you to control with focus as opposed to a journey when you send a part of yourself out to connect to others or places. The author explains both methods will work and it is based on personal preference.

Before beginning, she advises keeping a journal to write down your experiences and bring a fairy guide with you. A guide will help you stay on the path and help keep harmful beings away. There is an excellent guided meditation in the book to meeting your fairy guide.  Once you get thru the basics the book then begins with the first chapter and navigating Elfland. This is the section to learn about the hierarchy and how things generally are among the Good People. Knowing the rules will help you navigate as some are different than what humans are used to. Getting to know your fairy guide beforehand will be beneficial and the book has another great guided meditation to assist the reader.

The next few chapters cover meeting the various Queens themselves. The Queens mentioned are, The Queen of Elfland, Nicnevein the Queen of Witches, Áine the Fairy Queen if Munster, Aoibheall Fairy Queen if Clare, Cliodhna Fairy Queen and Bean Sidhe, and Una Fairy Queen if Tipperary. Chapter eight goes into pop culture and the Fairy followed by chapter nine and working with the Fairy Queens.

I would suggest anyone interested in the Fairy realm read thru the book in its entirety first and then go back and explore the exercises and journey. Having a good solid understanding of their world will help the reader understand what they are connecting to. For those interested in the fairy realm and working with these beings, Fairy Queens is a good start.

~review by Amber Barnes

Author: Morgan Daimler
Moon Books, 2019
pp. 104, $10.95