Most people don’t believe they have any psychic ability. They have been taught to tune out and ignore their instincts and impressions and blame it on imagination. The truth is, everyone is psychic. Like any ability, you have to practice. Most folks don’t wake up one day and can instantly play the piano. They might have a natural talent for music, but you still have to teach your hands how to glide over the piano keys and work to become better at your craft. The same goes for psychic abilities. Some people are better at it than others, but with practice they can increase their abilities.

In You Are Psychic by Sherrie Dillard, the author takes explains how she found this path but also how you the reader, can embrace your gifts and make them better. She breaks down the four psychic types as Mental, Emotional, physical, and spiritual intuition. She tells us that while everyone is a combination of types, some can balance all four as well. Dillard does explain the various types but covers this more in depth in her previous book, Discover Your Psychic Type. If you aren’t well versed in chakras, she covers that in the book. Understanding how your energy flows and chakras balance is of the keys to unlocking your potential.

The section that covers obstacles was well written and can help the reader identify where some of the blocks may be to achieve your psychic goals. Reading about the various types helps you to overcome and keep moving forward on your psychic journey. The next few chapters discuss the psychic types, what you may experience as well as exercises to strengthen those areas.
My favorite section was in Part 3, Increasing and Refining Psychic Power. The exercises and information in this section are very good whether you are just beginning to develop your psychic powers or if you have been practicing and using them for a long time. This section also covers how to read yourself, for others and what you can expect.

The last part goes over your practice with psychic meditation exercises. Again, you will only get better if you practice, practice, practice! You Are Psychic is a good read and feels like the author is right beside you teaching a class. It’s easy to understand and goes into explanations of what you might feel and expect to help alleviate any stress or surprises that may occur as you start to open up your third eye to psychic abilities. This book serves as a manual to those who wish to evolve and enhance their psychic abilities.

~review by Amber Barnes

Author: Sherrie Dillard
Llewellyn Publications, 2018
pp. 312, $18.99