Scrying is a form of divination that typically involves gazing into a reflective surface. Some practitioners may use a dark mirror, water, a crystal, fire and more. No matter which is used, the goal is to reveal and receive messages, images, symbols etc. Divination dates back to ancient history and is still used in modern times. Author Jenny Tyson provides a modern look at Scrying and Dowsing in her latest book. The book includes minimalistic style techniques with short sessions and easy to learn exercises.


The book is broken down into thirteen chapters that include: Scrying Techniques, Target Selection and Preparation, Internal Scrying, Types of Dowsing, Uses of Dowsing, Case Studies, Casting & Environmental Scrying, Scrying Tarot, Scrying with Speculums, Alphanumeric Dowsing and Scrying, and more.


The subjects and examples are written in a clear and practical way for a modern Scryer. In today’s world, time is more limited and privacy and space may hamper older techniques. The author provides these methods to adapt not only to a modern lifestyle but also to adapt to any spiritual or even a non-spiritual setting.


This is a good read for anyone wanting to dive into divination especially with focusing on Scrying.



~review by Amber Barnes


Author: Jenny Tyson
Llewellyn Publications, 2021
pp. 264, $18.99