Ask just about anyone you know if they have a loved one on the other side and the answer will most likely be yes. Those who do have someone on the other side, will usually also tell you they feel they have received or still receive signs from the loved one in spirit. I know I do.

I lost my my older brother to colon cancer in 2009 and my father in 2014. My brother sends me butterflies, while my dad sends me dimes. Sometimes these signs are random but usually they appear after I ask for a sign they are near. I have never been disappointed after asking and received my signs. It also helps that I have some mediumship abilities that I have embraced and continue to practice with today.
What I love about this book is that it explains how we all have abilities. We can all communicate with the other side and see the signs from those in spirit. What tends to happen is that people get busy or ignore what is in front of them. We have less focus and are more glued to technology than the world around us at times. The spirits are speaking, we just need to open our eyes and ears and hear them.

Author Bill Philipps starts out giving some background on how he realized he had these abilities as well as covers some basics for ways we communicate with the spirit world. Signs are given in a variety of ways including using one or more of the six spiritual senses (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairgustance, clairalience, and claircognizance).

He goes on to explain that signs are not always as obvious as we wish them to be. However they will be relatable to you so you can make the connection to the one in spirit who is trying to communicate. He mentions that signs might be presented in dreams, coins (this is one my dad uses as dimes), the doppelganger spirit (when a spirit superimposes itself over a living person to give us the feeling of recognizing them). You may also get a sign thru electricity, phones, license plates, music, sounds, dates, numbers, time, animals and bugs.

The remainder of the book is testimonial stories of signs from the spirit world. These are inspirational and may help the reader open up and realize many signs that are appearing from their own loved ones around them. I recommend this book to anyone wondering if the other side is listening and how to help connect to the other side.
~review by Amber Barnes

Author: Bill Philipps
New World Library, March 5, 2019
pp. 176, $15.95