The first thing I want to say about Psychic Self Defense and Protection is “keep an open mind”.  He has a very unique combination of belief systems that not many people will align with.  As long as you read this book with that understanding, you can find some good information within the cover.   I really enjoyed the style of writing even though I didn’t agree with everything he said, it made me look at things in a different light and many things he teaches in this book can be worked with to your style of thinking.
One of the things that I really enjoyed is the way that he uses the how to, along with practical examples, yes some of the examples are a bit far fetched but he does get the point across with them.   Plus later in the book are some practical questions with his views on them.  With all of that being said, after finishing the book I felt as if I only had a partial lesson.  There are still things that I feel weren’t discussed and things that I thought that were gone over and over a little too much.
I read this book twice, mainly because the first time, I let my prejudices color my perception.  The second time I let my mind “what if” and found that I did get a bit more information from the pages.  Again, I don’t think this is everything that can be taught, but I do think that this is a good basic book for someone who doesn’t understand what psychic attack and protection actually is.
~review by Leon

Author: John Culbertson
Outskirts Press, 2010
164 pages, $19.95