Everyone has some psychic ability. Just like any other skill, the more you practice, the better that skill becomes. Some people are born with more natural ability than others, but anyone can learn. Have you ever known something was going to happen before it did? Knew a friend was calling before the phone rang? Dreamt of a loved one that has crossed over that felt more real than a dream? These are all some of the things you experience with psychic abilities.

As is typical of the entire The Plain & Simple series, Psychic Ability is a great guide and walkthrough to develop your abilities that you may not have even realized you had. Author Ann Caulfield takes us through the various types of psychic abilities such as telepathy (ESP), dreams, chakras, mediumship, dowsing, psychometry and so much more. She not only covers what these various abilities are but has examples for you to try and experiment with. While there are tons of books that focus on the individual abilities, Caulfield’s book is a great start into learning the basics of the abilities and what calls to you the reader. She also gives you some of her own stories as she herself has worked as a professional medium, healer, and teacher of psychic development. Her writing style is broken down into an easy to understand format and like having your own teacher sitting with you in this Psychic 101 course.

For anyone who is starting to awaken their natural psychic powers, this is a great guide to get you started.

~review by Amber Barnes

Author: Ann Caulfield
Hampton Roads Publishing, 2017
pp. 160, $14.95