This book could make any working psychic exclaim, “Where have you been all my life?” Dominguez successfully distills all the unspoken concerns of the esoterically sensitive into one skillfully written volume. From a prayer that addresses the problem of visions one can do nothing about to efficient methods of protecting oneself from ghost traffic in haunted hotels, Dominguez’s own experience shines through, providing expert wisdom to the rest of us poor bastards that just plain get too much information all the time.

What makes this book unique is that, because it’s written by someone that has worked as a psychic and magical teacher for decades, it answers questions that most of the introductory works rarely do. Dominguez answers the question of whether those without psychic perception can work magic, he addresses the rarely considered problem of those with psychic ability that is non-visual, and he provides fresh shielding techniques for sensitive people prone to psychic overload. 

What Dominguez has done is written a book with everything that’s missing from psychic training elsewhere. He acknowledges situations where ground-and-center helps but is not enough. He suggests alternate shielding techniques. He provides exercises and recipes for the progressive work of further development. If you want to develop psychic skills or happen to have too many naturally, buy this book!

~ review by Diana Rajchel


Author: Ivo Dominguez Jr.
Red Wheel Weiser, 2017
pp.238; $18.95