"In our dreams, something interesting happens. In many dreams, I find that I’m me, but not me. I’m a me that is subtly different. In our dreams, we sometimes slip off our conscious self, our ego, our rules of who we are and how we behave." (Introduction)

This lovely ebook came about as a result of the author's long years of experience working with dreams. It occupies a place somewhere between good for beginners and great for advanced workers, which might be a bit frustrating for some. Knight is quick to point out that she isn't trying to write a definitive book, and specifically recommends other authors for their dream work (notably, Robert Moss).

I have one quick negative comment: the formatting could have used a bit of work, which is a really minor problem in the grand scheme of things, as is the lack of a Table of Contents.

The content is superb, however. Working with one's dreams requires a great deal of effort. Most of us don't remember our dreams, and then we have to record them regularly so that we can begin to see links, similarities, and themes. Finally, we must learn our own symbology so that we can interpret the dreams. Knight addresses all of these issues, but spends most of her time on interpretation.

Much of the middle portion of the book deals with the more difficult aspects of dreamwork: dream incubation and rituals, dealing with adversaries, disturbing dreams, and  training oneself to discern the messages in 'bad' dreams.

I wanted more of her chapters on dreams of power and prophecy, quite frankly. And I found her chapter on dreamwork and the underworld some of the best work I've seen on that subject. (Ms. Knight: There is a whole book in that chapter waiting for you to explore. When you do, I'll happily be your first reader.)

This is a great resource for anyone wishing to explore their dreamworlds a little deeper and with intention.

~review by Lisa Mc Sherry

Author: Shauna Aura Knight
Jupiter Gardens Press, 2013
ebook, $3.29