Psychic abilities are not limited to a special few people, but rather everyone can tap into them. Just like any new skill, it takes practice to get better. Author Jiulio Consiglio takes the readers on a journey to unlock the third eye. The third eye is known as the sixth chakra and is responsible for the spiritual gifts and psychic abilities. If the reader is brand new to this experience, the book is written in an easy to follow fashion to help the beginner or those who need some additional guidance. The author provides meditations and exercises to allow the reader to develop their gifts easily on their own.


One of the things I liked about the book format is the contents and chapters are listed at the front but also followed by an exercise and meditation list. This easy access list is perfect for returning back to again and again as needed depending on where the reader wants to practice or focus on more. The author does encourage the reader to read the book in its entirety before attempting the exercises. His intention is for the book to be referred back to again and again. I like this approach and seems to be a good suggestion to truly digest the information.


No matter where the readers’ level falls, the book starts with the basics. He explains the name, color association and location for each chakra. While the book doesn’t spend too much time in this subject, there are a lot of materials online and other books dedicated to covering all seven chakras.


The author explains that the third eye chakras purpose and focus is on intuition, wisdom, and clarity. The location is literally between your physical eyes and is known to be the gateway to your highest self and higher dimensions of conscious. Everyone can open this third eye to develop spiritual abilities.


The book provides various exercises and meditations that makes the book worthy of shelf space alone as a reference. For anyone looking to connect with their higher self and develop their psychic abilities, I recommend snagging a copy.


~review by Amber Barnes


Author: Jiulio Consiglio
Llewellyn Publications, 2021
pp. 224, $16.99