In the book Psychic Skills for Magic & Witchcraft, the author Cat Gina Cole takes the reader on a step by step journey to enhance the readers Psychic talents. The author has structured the book to help the reader progress from beginner to intermediate and then advanced techniques.

The book can be viewed a workbook and an additional writing journal is encouraged. Each chapter will cover particular psychic skills, discussions and personal stories written in an easy to follow style. There are eleven chapters that include: Psychic Skill Building, Effects on Social Conditioning, Developing Intuitive Skills, Stepping Aside, Advancing Your Skills, Mantic Arts and More, Working with Spirits and Deity, Dreamwork, The Beyond, What They Don’t Tell You, and the Hidden Psychic.

The reader can also look in the front of the book for the list of exercises and the corresponding page number. This is a handy reference when going back to the book again and again.

My favorite section of the book is discussing the Clairs and exercises. I know I had some interesting personal experiences when trying out some of these! I highly recommend spending extra time in this section.

An important focus on the book is mentioning that everyone has these abilities. Some people are at a more advanced level but everyone can achieve the same goals. Just like with any skill such as playing piano, it takes practice and effort. The same successes can be achieved with psychic abilities. The book is well written and the reader will feel like they are taking an instructional course on psychism.

I highly recommend this book for anyone wanting to enhance their abilities.

~review by Amber Barnes

Author: Cat Gina Cole
Llewellyn Publications, 2022
pp. 232, $16.99