Loving others is a primary tenet of New Age sensibility – letting go of judgments and criticism, loving unconditionally, living in the here and now . . .  all of this is what we’re supposed to do to be better people and walk in the Light. Isha (no last name) has created an eponymous system that teaches you to do just that: love unconditionally, no easy task, given that:

“In this world of duality, we all feel different from each other. We meet thousands of people, from so many races, with varying physical conditions, of different ages and contrasting religions. Opposing political beliefs, philosophies, convictions and ideals jostle constantly for our attention. The complex diversity of the world we live in is seemingly endless. From our intellectual opinions to the size of our bank accounts, from our physical appearance to our cultural traditions, we perceive separation everywhere, in a world of extreme contrast and variance, a world of untold possibilities (from the book).”

It is tremendously difficult to live from the heart, it requires a great deal of personal strength and vulnerability. When we fail, as we so often do, it can make living from the hart that much harder the next time around.

Isha understands how hard it can be, and offers the reader a system of affirmations and mediations to embrace the present moment, accept without judgment, love oneself, and be one with the universe. They are simple, yet profound.



~review by Lisa Mc Sherry

Author: Isha

New World Library, 2008

pp. 144, $14.95