Rockefeller creates a very secular book on guided imagery.  There is very little connection to any particular religion so anyone can use the book without feeling pushed towards the imagery of a particular religion.  He uses many quotes from Eastern religions throughout the book.  There is a releasing ritual which is very Pagan.  However he doesn’t specifically call it Pagan so it could be used by any reader.


The exercises he has created are very typical of this type of book and he offers them at key points within the text.  He takes the reader through standard meditation techniques of becoming relaxed.  There is nothing new in the technique.  He uses nature and natural settings for the visualization to help rejuvenate the spirit and energy level of the reader. Additionally he recommends natural remedies like Bach flower essences for healing and soothing.


In building confidence Rockefeller hits the major life changes like job interview, date, or asking for a raise.  This gives normal occurrences that any reader can relate to.  He offers up examples from people he has worked with to demonstrate the points he is trying to make.  This gives the reader a more personal insight on the technique.


This book does not offer anything revolutionary for ideas.  However Rockefeller does give a calm and relaxed way to work on issues of confidence.  By keeping religion out of it, he gives the individual the ability to tailor the meditations to their own beliefs.  Overall this is a book offers good meditation and confidence building exercises and examples. 


~review by Eileen Troemel

Author: Kirwan Rockefeller

New Harbinger Publications, 2007

pp. 184