In The Positive Power Workbook Conny Jasper incorporates affirmations for a better life with common sense: a rare commodity that makes for a useful tool for improving one’s life. Organized logically into three sections (dealing with life in general and how to cope, money, and love), I found the affirmations are easy to read and work with.


Each affirmation is in a basic format followed by a paragraph of explanation and then questions to make the reader consider how to incorporate this affirmation into their lives.  This simple format may seem a bit shallow in its simplicity; however, the questions she asks offer the reader the ability to look within. Organizationally, she offers similar affirmations together; the progression through the book may seem too closely related.  This may seem slightly tedious but keep reading as the paragraphs and questions help the reader determine the best affirmation to use.  The progression of the affirmations helps the reader narrow their select to the most appropriate one. 


Affirmations cover all areas of life from physical, mental and emotional well being to time management, and coping with life changes, embracing creativity, saying no, intuition, and balance in the first section.


As the reader moves into the Money Power section, Jasper covers more than just the typical get me more cash syndrome. She helps the reader think about how they handle money and what abundance means. She also talks about being responsible with possessions and keeping life clutter free. She provides affirmations geared towards positive career choices.  Tackling the more difficult concepts to handle in our material society, Jasper discussing the intrinsic value aside from the material things in life.


Moving into the Love Power section, Jasper wisely begins her affirmations with grounding and balancing affirmations. She moves into self-love and self-discovery. All this is key before moving on to relationship type love. She goes through the process of finding love before she jumps into the importance of maintaining “self” in a relationship. She covers problem areas like commitment and expectations within relationships. Carrying her common sense approach forward, Jasper addresses issues of listening and how behavior affects others before she addresses intimacy within the relationship. At the very end, she briefly discusses sexuality and romance. The bulk of this section is about loving self rather than finding the perfect mate. She veers away from the popular quick fix so common in most books covering this topic.


Jasper may not be overtly Pagan, however, she has created a book of affirmations, which are non-denominational and power filled. These affirmations are very paganesque in that they use nature and the power of the readers mind to improve the reader.


5 broomsticks out of 5


~review by Eileen Troemel

Author: Conny Jasper

Earthcraft Publications, 2007