Ms. Roddick has compiled a massive amount of facts and figures, which she incorporates throughout this globalization action guide.


Activism, taking a positive stand and acting upon matters is the main theme. The author explores many avenues relevant to her assertion that in the overall scheme of the corporate world money is the all-consuming factor. Viewed from her perspective, greed and capitalism have taken precedence over humanity, which has created wealth for an elite few, and poverty for many. Ms. Roddick also speaks out about the environment and the toll that is exacted from it on a daily basis due to pollution, excessive energy consumption, and more. 


Provided in each chapter is a plentitude of information designed to awaken the reader to the many plights and travesties that occur in the world on a daily basis.  A commonly held myth is presented at the beginning of each chapter, which is then dispelled by facts and the realities of the matters comprised.  Concluding each chapter are listings of resources the reader can contact to find out more about the topics discussed and to learn of further ways to help bring about positive changes in the world.


This book is a complete reference, including a comprehensive glossary, which enlightens the reader about the terminology used.


A multi-leveled book suitable for your bookcase as a source of reference, or carried as a motivational manual encouraging you to step forth and take part in the ongoing efforts across the globe in aiding humanity and the planet.


If you see yourself as a highly motivated activist, or wish to become more enlightened and involved, then this is the book for you.


~by Lone Eagle Eye

Author: Anita Roddick

Harper Collins Publishers, 2001

pp. 257, $24.95