Channeling faces at best skepticism and at worst outright cynicism, and with good reason. The idea of an unseen being with a silly name, such as “Zorg” hopping into a person’s body and dropping wisdom merits that skepticism. How do we know the entity is real? Why on earth can’t this person just show up? Is the channeler really that incapable of writing this stuff under his or her name? Unfortunately, this means that when the wisdom dropped has real value it gets summarily dismissed because of the questionable authority that delivered it.

Living with Joy: Keys to Personal Power and Transformation by Sanaya Roman suffers from this very problem of inspiring skepticism while intending simply to inspire. The information, channeled by a spirit named Oron, gives healthy and effective tips for cultivating a positive outlook – it just comes from a spirit named Oron.

This book is not merely “think positive and life will get better.” It is a book about how to think positively with the view that positive thinking takes skill and practice. The book covers the same material as the 2011 and 2012 best seller The Happiness Project – it just frames the same message in new age packaging. Much like the mainstream book, Living with Joy also provides supplemental tools readers can use to enhance practicing at joy.

While the source of the information is justifiably suspect, the the exercises and outlook will in no way endanger your life savings, your marriage, your family relationships or your Internet profile. If you would like to further develop your ability to view the world from a positive stance, this book gives you an excellent guide in making that happen.


~ review by Diana Rajchel

Author: Sanaya Roman
HJ Kramer/New World Library, 2011
pp. 280, $14.95