Breathe to Succeed might seem like a departure for Sandy Abrams, who cut her teeth as an entrepreneur and then a successful writer on the subject of entrepreneurialism. Her first book, Your Idea, Inc. is a popular guide to starting your own business by leveraging your own bright ideas. She has also contributed to Huffington Post on this same subject. I start with all this to make the connection for you: this is probably the least "fuzzy" guide to mindfulness, and breathing in particular, that you'll ever find.

If you are looking to get the notion of breathing, meditation, and self-reflection into a loved one's life but you know that they react to "normal" new age / modern spirituality as if they're allergic, Breathe to Succeed just may do the trick. The topics are exactly what you'd expect - the benefits of meditation, contemplation, slowing down, unplugging, and the like. Each section is liberally sprinkled with mention of academic studies and business cases, rather than chakras or energy flows (except, perhaps, in passing). While I don't think this is a book to add to your library if you've got any background in this sort of material already, I do think that it has its place in the literature of mindfulness.

~review by Patricia Mullen

Author: Sandy Abrams
Career Press, 2019
pp. 145, $15.95