Some of you may have read this book in its original incarnation, Trancing the Witch's Wheel. Those of you who haven’t, or maybe even those who have, should certainly consider adding Magical Meditations to their collection. Here Ms. Galenorn offers her readers a beautiful collection of guided meditations designed to help deepen our relationship with the natural world. It is perfect for anyone who wants a personal connection to the elements and a better understanding of nature.


Magical Meditations consists of four parts: the basics of mediation, mediations on elements, meditations on the Sabbats and deities and dimensions. Each part is full of beautiful, relevant meditations that gently pull the reader in. Each meditation unfolds as an incredible story that completely absorbs you.


Part one includes several helpful exercises to help prepare the reader for meditation. It also has easy, useful sections on cleansing and protection, and grounding and centering. This section is very useful for the newcomer to meditation and can give good ideas for new methods to those who are more experienced. The other three parts consist of relevant meditations, corresponding plants, incenses, oils, crystals, and candles, and further exercises for each meditation. 


I found this book to be quite useful in deepening my meditation practice. Not only are these meditations beautiful, but they are masterfully written and effective. Magical Meditations would be an excellent addition to anyone’s library.


~review by Jennifer Erwin
Author: Yasmine Galenorn
Crossing Press, 2003
207 pp., $16.95