Finding a deeper connection with Nature and broader understanding of oneself is what Women in the Wild is all about. Whether the contributing writer is traveling to a far off continent or walking in nearby woods each essay in the collection takes the reader into the wild – that side of Nature that teaches valuable lessons for those who care to learn. 


The thirty-three entries (plus numerous sidebar mini-articles) tackle flying, mountain climbing, snakes and ancient cultures where women rule from famous women like Alice Walker and Jane Goodall to unfamous but wise women who experience the adventure and connection with the spiritual side of Nature.  The short essays make it perfect for carrying in your bag, car or keeping beside your bed. 


If you’ve never ventured into the travel section of the bookstore this could easily hook you. I found this book difficult to review because of the constant distractions it inspired. It promoted daydreams, introspection, long walks and even road trips.  These distractions, however, are the very reasons I recommend adding it your personal library. 


~ review by Denise Bell

Editor: Lucy McCauley

Travelers Tales Inc, 2004

pp. 292, $17.95