The Old Girls’ Book of Dreams is a guide for finding your dreams, and bringing them to life.  Although the title may suggest this is a dream dictionary, it is not. It is more of a journal to record your heart’s desires, and the steps you take to manifest them.

Author Cal Garrison says: “Whatever you dream about needs to be dreamt from the heart, not the mind,” and she includes a meaningful meditation/visualization to use in achieving this. The author is writing this book for women approaching their Crone years, who may have set aside their personal aspirations during their younger years, but I think this book could easily be used by anyone wishing to explore new territory, whether it’s a new hobby, lifestyle or goal.

In addition to the introduction, which includes the meditation for dreaming from the heart, the book is divided into twelve chapters, for the twelve signs of the zodiac. The author, a professional astrologer, says you may start this journal at any sign, - your birthday, the day you decide you’re beginning your dream quest, or in January, with Capricorn, which is where the author begins the journal entry part of the book.  Each “chapter” gives an overview of the corresponding sun sign, relative to manifesting your dream and is followed by lined pages, with pithy, inspirational quotes on each page.

Designed for fun and inspiration, this is a fast book to read. It shares some insights into the zodiac signs, with their practical meanings in terms of organizing your intent to manifest something or many things, throughout a year. This is not an in-depth work of astrology, rather a mixing of astrology with a bit of the Craft.

Ms. Garrison is a witty writer, who gets her points across quickly. Reading her book is like listening to a good friend. You feel you already have a bit of “history” together, and can relax and listen without defining each step of the way.

~review by Karen Phillippi
Author: Cal Garrison
Red Wheel/Weiser LLC, 2003
pp.176, $13.00