The Llewellyn's Witch's Coloring Book is a wonderful way to travel the wheel of the year.  Organized by the wheel of the year, the Witch's Coloring Book begins with a page which actually is that very wheel, with symbols for each sabbat between the spokes of the wheel.  The book then goes to Samhain and has several pages with colorable drawings for Samhain, such as a skeleton and besoms.  Thusly organized the Coloring Book goes through each of the eight sabbats, each section having a colorable title page for the sabbat followed by several pages each, which can be colored.

Yule page

The Witch's Coloring Book's pages are actually quite sturdy, each of them perforated near the binding so they can be easily torn out without ripping the page.  One can then color the page with it attached in the book or removed as they choose.  One then can use these pictures as holy day decorations, use them on altars or shrines or even frame them and use them as permanent wall hangings. 

Triple Goddess page

What I find to be really lovely about this coloring book is that it really has pages appropriate for almost all coloring levels, to my eye and experience, except very young children.  This will allow a family to sit together, each with a page, to be able to spend quality time talking about the seasons, the next sabbat coming up, what they will do as a family to celebrate and so forth.  That being said, many of the pages are of an advanced coloring level due to all of the lines and detail in the pictures.

Something else I really like is that each picture is it's own page; that is the back of each page is blank except for an artist credit for the drawing.  This really allows you to be able to use your colored pages without worrying about sacrificing another picture you may like just as much. 

All in all this is a lovely coloring book which really can help a person sit down and think about things regarding the subject in the picture, such as a set of Yule logs in a hearth could have you thinking about preparing for winter, or even getting your own personal Yule log ready.  The page with several wands on it could get you thinking about creating a new wand or maintaining your current one, whereas the page with a woman drumming could get you thinking about starting a drumming circle, or beginning to participate in one already started in your area.

In the end I do highly recommend this coloring book for almost anyone.  The pages are lovely and easy to remove, the artistry in drawing the images is of the highest quality and each artist is properly credited on the back of each page.  This really is something that could get families talking about things or a solitary witch thinking about things.  This is something which could add to any witch's spiritual life. 

~Review by Jessica Elizabeth

Artist: Various
LLewellyn Publications; 2016
120ppg; $12.99