In Hearth & Home Witchcraft, the author provides an accessible journey to the magical path that can fit any lifestyle. The craft can be as simple or elaborate as the reader wishes their path to be. She provides ways and rituals that can be incorporated into everyday life that anyone can follow.

The book has a plethora of recipes, rituals, journal ideas, charms as well as great information on the holidays, correspondences, self-care, and everyday magical items. The book is geared more towards the beginner but has great recipes and rituals that can hold space on the shelf for reference.

The writing style is similar to her Cozy Comfy Witch podcast. It’s part storytelling, educational and easy to follow. The book is broken down into 7 main chapters including: Hearth & Home Witchcraft, In the Home, In the Kitchen, In the Scared Space, The Garden and Nature, Self-Care, and Everyday Rituals. At the front of the book is a quick reference list of Rituals and Recipes in alphabetical order and the page number they can be found. This alone is great to reference time and time again as a specific need arises. The author provides a roadmap to help the new witch on her path but also encourages them to make it their own. Everything can be changed to accommodate what is readily available and in any type of space.

I like the way the book presents ideas in an inspiring and practical way to make your home a sacred and magical place. While the book is geared towards beginners, I do feel there is some great perspective and ideas that even the more experienced witch can brush up on and enjoy reading.

~review by Amber Barnes

Author: Jennie Blonde
Weiser Books, 2022
pp. 240, $18.95