Many people regardless of their religious belief find joy and relaxation in gardening. For those who follow a pagan path, it can be a direct route to connect with the earth and connect to nature. The book features a more Druidic approach to creating your garden ad sacred space but anyone can follow this guide for a more natural technique that has been passed down for generations.

The book covers more natural and organic techniques that help connect the reader to their own land with proven methods. Whether you are drawn to walk a Druidic path or just wish to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, there is something for everyone in The Druid Garden book.

The first section provides some history on gardening thru the ages. This section was particularly fascinating to read how various cultures viewed and implemented gardening. The author takes the reader on a journey from some of the most ancient techniques to those of recent past.

Next the author covers sacred land and information regarding soil. I personally learned a lot in this section alone. I tend a modest flower garden with my bushes in the front of my house but even then discovered ways I could improve the soil for my plants. I hadn’t realized how complex this subject can be and how the composition of the soil affects what will grow. Understanding the land near me and what can grow or how to improve for the plants living there was eye opening and intriguing.

The other chapters in the book that the reader will find will be on subjects such as composting, planning the garden, plants as living beings, connecting with plants and more. The chapter on trees alone is a handy guide (in alphabetical order) that deserves a spot on the bookshelf. The book also covers shrubs and herb plants with information but also uses and cultivation for each one.

The last few chapters cover sacred food: fruits and vegetables, gardening with the four elements and last dealing with pests and diseases.

This guide is full of incredibly useful and practical information. I love that it assists with not only the techniques and everyday things you can do to help have a successful garden, but also the ways to connect to the earth and land spiritually as well.

I highly recommend this any fellow gardeners regardless of their spiritual beliefs.

~review by Amber Barnes

Author: Luke Eastwood
Moon Books, 2021
pp. 416, $27.95