In the well-known Plain and Simple series, we get a new and exciting book by Jonathan Dee, Face Reading. Dee was often found on the radio, television, and in magazines discussing one of the many subjects that he specialized. These included things like tarot, astrology, history and folklore. He is also known by his multiple previous books that has been translated and appears throughout the world in many diverse subjects.

When we look at any given person, we see features that are 100% uniquely individual. Dee helps the reader to understand how all these individual characteristics can open up a whole new way of understanding, communicating and reading with people, if we are taught the language.

To begin the author will describe the array of different landscapes possible for each feature. He describes the division of the face into three separate zones and then each of these zones is divided into subdivisions. Each subdivision is responsible for different interpretations. By exploring the features of these zones the reader can form specific interpretations about the individual.

Dee breaks down the art of Chinese face reading much like one would expect to learn about palm reading. Not only can readers expect to learn how to see what the face they are seeing is thinking, feeling or experiencing in the current moment but also the reader will learn how to read these facial features to help them predict what may happen in the future. The information gathered in this book is then able to be applied to the diverse population. It applies to either sex, either gender and across the board equally to all nationalities.

After learning about the different zones of the face, Dee begins to break down the specifics of each zone. The readers will learn all about the meaning and detail within nine mouth types, thirteen ear and nose types, and twenty three eyes and eyebrow shapes. The reader will learn what each of these features say individually and also in combination with other features present.
This book is for those people who are thoroughly interested in people. Are you a people watcher? Interested in peoples stories and history? Ever found yourself curious what someone was thinking or feeling? Or, looking for another form of divination that is unique and interesting? For anyone wanting further insight into the human personality, mind and emotion, you may find just what you are looking for here in Face Reading by Jonathan Dee.

~review by Keri Nichol

Author: Jonathan Dee
Hampton Roads Publishing, 2017
p. 150, $$14.95