Guided meditations are a popular product in the New Age market, and it’s a bit of a gamble as to whether what you buy is worth what you spend.  All too often the mediations are read badly or the imagery is silly. This is not the case with Mary Marzo’s excellent meditation, “Goddess Relaxation & Meditations.” I loved this CD, and have listened to it several times since I got it.  Each listen has been wonderful. My first review of this CD in an agitated frame of mind was not a fair test of Marzo’s abilities. Although I generally enjoy doing guided meditations, I was upset and a bit angry when I began. However, after listening for a few minutes, I calmed down and began to relax – if she can do that for me, she’s fantastic! The half-hour meditation went by quickly, and I emerged into ordinary consciousness feeling refreshed and calm.   The grounding meditation (18 minutes) was nice. You can do this one alone, or after the Relaxation meditation. The imagery was lovely – fostering a deeper connection with the Earth as the Universal Mother. As well, you choose a symbol of Earth Mother energy to meditate on. This symbol then acts as a conduit of the healing Earth energy that you can call upon in the future.  The last meditation, Inner Sanctuary (15 minutes) had a magical feeling. It felt like a return to childhood, where new things were fascinating and everything was wondrous. This was my favorite of the three – I have repeated it several times now. Overall, this CD is a delightful experience, well worth owning. Ms. Marzo’s voice is deep and rich.  Her cadences are soothing and I found it easy to follow her directions to relax and enter a deep state of healing relaxation. Marzo takes care to create a safe place in which to relax, protected. I will listen to these meditations frequently. ~review by Lisa Mc SherryArtist: Mary Marzo