The Complete Idiot’s Guides are known for their organization and easy to understand approach.  These books are no exception.


Spells and Spellcraft is exactly what it sounds like – a book covering the essential components of spellcraft.  After explaining the basics for creating and casting spells, it has several chapters on common beginning rituals, such as dedication ceremonies and simple Esbat and Sabbat rituals.  The middle section contains excellent lists of correspondences, magickal alphabets and symbols, and astrology basics.  Each chapter explains the purpose and benefits of incorporating the items into spellcraft.  After explaining how to create magick, the authors include a few chapters on specific subjects: romance, abundance, success, and well-being.


Wicca Craft sounds as if it was also a book for beginners, when in fact it is a book that truly is about the crafting part of witchcraft.  It is all about creating quality items you can be proud of for many years to come, not simple child-oriented crafts.  Besides the obvious robes, candles, and incense, this book provides directions for such creations as a cauldron, homemade paper, statutes, besoms, and so much more.  This book is absolutely brimming with ideas suitable for all levels of witchcraft. 


Spells and Spellcraft is a wonderful choice for a novice to the world of magick.  It is clear, concise, and would be appropriate for the newcomer and the curious alike.  Anyone from the beginner to the advanced practitioner could find something of use in Wicca Craft.  I would highly recommend these books to anyone seeking information on these topics.  


~review by Jennifer Erwin

Authors: Miria Liguana and Nina Metzner
Alpha Books, 2004
pp. 308, $16.95