This New Age book is firmly based on spirituality. It has a religious/ faith theme throughout, but not so much that it would be uncomfortable for those not immersed in religion.   In the beginning of the book, the author lists “50 Practices for Enchanted Living” and refers back to them throughout the rest of the book, showing how to incorporate them into our lives. The exercises and activities she reveals are meant to show how each one of these practices are used in her guide to enchanted living. From the title and subtitle, one might expect this book to be a book of spells and rituals, but that is far from the truth. Instead, it is a guide to a way of living one’s life without falling into the trap of thinking ‘inside the box.’ The reader is meant to find within these pages, many ways to continue growing. She teaches us how to bring each of our senses of hearing, taste, smell, sight and touch into our rituals and the exercises she describes. The author thoroughly takes us step by step through her plan, letting us know that it is right and proper to question our Path and to make sure at various points in our lives, that the Path we selected is still one that fits us, is useful to us and continues to help us grow.  I did find this book interesting, but I did not find what I was expecting, a guide for the adept or for one advanced along their Path. I do not think that a person needs to be an adept to be able to relate well to and use the guidance this book provides.

~review by JaeAuthor: Patricia TelescoNew Page Books, 2002pp. 224, $13.99