There a lot of beginner books introducing the reader to the world of everyday magic and mysticism. However not all of them have that storytelling charm that we find by author Maria DeBlassie. Her writing style is easy going and feels like the reader is having a lovely chat with tea with the author. In this charming book, the author provides plenty of her own background and stories throughout, providing a personal touch.

The book is broken down into eight chapters that include the introduction, what is everyday magic, radical self-care & the Goddess within, make your routine a ritual, practice pleasure magic, be open to synchronicity, live beyond the expected, and the conclusion: conjure your own special magic.

The book heavily relies on the life-lessons from the authors that the reader can look to for inspiration on how to develop their own magical living. She does provide some rituals, writing prompts, and suggestions on how to incorporate a self-care and more magical living approach to daily life.

An Alternative Guide to Magical Living is not a magic 101 with an index of spells.This book is a refreshing insightful guide for the reader to forge their own path. I really enjoyed this and highly recommend it!

~review by Amber Barnes

Author: Maria DeBlassie
Moon Books, 2021
pp. 128, $14.95