This ‘stand alone’ novel is a continuation of Westfield’s first novel Darksome Thirst and it suffers at the beginning, almost enough to keep me from reading past the first few chapters. But The Old Power Returns retains enough integrity that a little ‘push’ was all that was needed to get into it and enjoy!

Set in the early ‘80s with precision (my geek side was especially tweaked by the computer technology) the and a fine sense of the times, peopled by Wiccans, psychics and vampires this is a fun, erotic, horror novel that drew me in and kept me intrigued right through to the end. (And yes, Darksome Thirst is now on my wish list.)

Good twists, excellent research and although there is a level of nearly-tiresome ‘witches are people too’ feel to it, it never got too bad. If you like the idea of using your magickal powers to help save the world, Westfield’s novels will get you in the mood for some fun, page-turning (and not terribly bloody, yay for us squeamish) reading.



~review by Lisa Mc Sherry

Author: Morven Westfield

Harvest Shadows, 2007

pp. 320, $15.95