Imagine a place . . . a bookshop like no other. One with not only books, but the dust of ages coating the walls and true magic around every corner. That is where Kala Trobe takes us in her first work of fiction – to Mr. Malynowsyi’s Antiquarian Bookshop.


Ms. Trobe draws the reader deep into a fantastic world of magic and mysticism with such stunning clarity that you can actually smell the mustiness, see the dust on the windows and floors, and hear the whispers of the generations who have walked within its walls. It is so richly depicted that the reader will immediately want to search out their own little shop that enchants just as Malynowsky’s does.


The six short stories contained within this book both entertain and educate. Each story contains tidbits of real magic that give the stories enough of an edge of truth to leave you wondering about the possibilities. The characters are so well-written that upon reaching the end you are left hoping for more. I certainly would enjoy seeing another book involving them.


I truly enjoyed this book. It is difficult to find good fiction books with true magic inside, not just the sensationalized kind. I highly recommend The Magick Bookshop to anyone who enjoys fiction with a little bit of truth inside.

~review by Jennifer Erwin
Author: Kala Trobe
Llewellyn Publications, 2004
pp. 231, $15.95