Imagine that you grew up knowing you were adopted – having wonderful adoptive parents, but always wondering exactly where you came from. Shortly after the loss of both your parents, you learn that your birth mother has also passed, leaving you a large two-hundred-year-old house clear across the country as an inheritance.  Now imagine that immediately upon your arrival you learn that your mother and the women before her were witches. That is exactly the situation the main character, Kat Benson, finds herself in.  


This enthralling book describes Kat’s journey to find her Self. Of course, she intended to simply seek out the truth about her mother’s life and discover the meaning behind her recurring dream of a group of women who chose to drown themselves instead of facing persecution for being witches. But journeys seldom lead us where we intended to go. Along the way, Kat learns about the value of friendship and having a place where we belong.


This is by far one of the best pagan fiction books I have found. Dream of the Circle of Women is imaginative, engaging, and inspiring. I simply couldn’t bring myself to put it down! It is so easy to slip into Kat’s character and be swept away by her story. You simply have to keep reading to see how the next chapter unfolds. 


~review by Jennifer Erwin
Author: Dahti Blanchard
Spilled Candy Books, 2004
pp. 349, $17.95