Moore opens Modern Guide to Energy Clearing with a chapter on definitions in which she defines common terms uses throughout the book like energy vibration movement.  This is a good foundation for the topic and helps the reader acclimate to her topic and how she refers to things. The tone of her writing is conversational with a little bit of sarcasm in for fun. The content is easy to read and her approach is down to earth.  She takes an approach anyone can follow regardless of spiritual path.

Moore covers typical topics of energy work including preventive care, keys to energetic harmony, a connection to everything and a variety of other typical topics. Her focus on Personal Care covers one's own confidence and ability to express our souls purpose and being able to take up our responsibility for the world and the reality we live in

The book has three parts: spiritual and energetic well-being, personal care, and environment. In the personal care section she covers energy clearing, techniques for containing and cultivating energy, clearing energy, identifying emotional blocks, and mental misdirection, and then she talks about personal energy practice. She makes comparatives between the energetic and the physical level which helps the reader to understand the concept she's putting across. Scattered throughout the book she's got taking note pages which offer activities and thoughts for you to enter into a journal.  This aids the reader self-reflection.

When it comes to developing your own practices, she suggests making small changes. She states everyone has a busy life and it is difficult to change habits. When it comes to environment she says in general beginner's ability to control energy is within a small area. As your ability grows, the practitioners ability to influence a larger environment grows.

At the end of the book she provides a sampling of blessings and the bibliography which offers a variety of books to further explore this topic. This book offers a thoughtful and well reasoned approach to working with energy.  Moore provides information which will help the user to develop their ability to work with energy as well as a guide for self-improvement. This is a good book to have on your shelf.

~review by Eileen Troemel

Author: Barbara Moore
Llewellyn Publications, 2018
p. 216