Reviewing an astrology book is often difficult, especially when it is a strictly-sun sign guide, like Your Astrology Guide 2010.


I really want to like this book. It is well-written, easy to navigate, includes a brief astrological guide for Aug-Dec 2009, and is packed with information. But the burning questions is always: how accurate is the information?


For me, the test is fairly simple: I just read the forecasts. As a Virgo, Virgo rising, I have a doubled chance of what is forecasted to be accurate. If it isn’t accurate for me, I have a hard time recommending it for others. An easy test . . .


 . . . and one Your Astrology Guide 2010 flunked.


In late August, my life suffered a major health-related upheaval that has lasted into December (and to some degree, will into 2010). This event was not hinted at, in the slightest in the 2009 forecast. (Note, Susan Miller of the incredibly accurate did write about the event in a way that made it fit for me, but not for every Virgo.) In fact, on Sept 17 they write, “It’s a volatile time, saying less is better.”  Excellent advice in general, but that was a time when it was vitally important for me to reach out to my loved ones for support and assistance. Keeping quiet would have been a mistake.


In all fairness, Your Astrology Guide 2010 might be great for everyone else because the event in my life is such a major skewing and is highly individualized. So I am not slamming this book, nor am I recommending against it.


Instead, I recommend you take a look at the authors’ article, Your Astrology Guide 2010: Rick and Jeff's Tips for the Year and see for yourself. In addition, Rick Lavine writes's daily horoscopes, and Jeff Jawer writes's weekly romance horoscopes. I think these additional resources will held you decide whether you want to own this book or not.


~review by Lisa Mc Sherry


Authors: Rick Levine and Jeff Jawer

Sterling Publishing, 2009

pp.  $12.95