Time On Your Hands is a great intermediate text on the subject of palmistry. Packed with information, Mayia Gray Cobb takes us on a journey of exploration right within the palm of our hands.

The book is neatly arranged with the chapters beginning with the exploration of the size and shape of the palm itself. There we learn about how the hand determines certain characteristics. For example, a person with a spatulate hand would be prone to being an active person who lives spontaneously.

The following chapters go into greater detail by explaining the meanings of the fingers, the lines on the palm, the mounts and geometric shapes such as triangles and squares. Finally, Cobb pulls all the data together to create a reading.

Although I did indeed like the book very much, I found it a bit daunting for a beginner. The information provided in each chapter is wonderfully rendered, but, since I have very little knowledge with Palmistry, I found the material challenging and occasionally confusing. I’d look at my palm and think, is that bump the Mount of Saturn or not? Where exactly is my fate line heading? Even though there are illustrations, I feel that the book would be much better if it were more heavily illustrated. It also would have been super cool if it had come with a DVD.

Even so, this book is well worth purchasing.

Highly recommended.

~review By Patricia Snodgrass

Author: Mayia Gray Cobb
Schiffer Publishing, Ltd., 2011