A long time ago I taught myself to use the tarot by reading the original Tarot For Your Self and I am so glad I had such a pure experience. This is one of the best beginner's books available and is an absolute must for anyone interested in going deeper than the LWB (little white book) that comes with a deck.

Tarot For Your Self is not a book to read so much as one to use interactively: it is a workbook of exercises designed to help you build a personal connection with the cards. Truly the genius is that Greer manages to train the reader to develop an intuitive connection to the cards in a way that encompasses their glorious symbolism and rich divinatory traditions. I've been teaching tarot to others for decades now, and this is one of the few books I absolutely recommend to my students who want to go further than just the surface. (Personally I own several copies. My original 1984 copy is kept with my other journal writings, so heavily marked up it can't be shown to anyone other than an intimate.)

The 35th anniversary edition of Tarot For Your Self has a new cover with “french flaps” allowing the reader to tuck a flap into the book to save their place. It includes the 20th year preface as well as a new 35th anniversary preface from Ms. Greer. Also included is a new introduction by Benebell Wen where she shares her own experience with this tarot classic and its influence.

Most beginner's books are 90% interpretation and card description Tarot for Your Self has only a small section for that way back at the end of the book. The card interpretations are pretty generic and designed to work with any deck based on or similar to the Rider Waite deck. Other sections discuss keeping a Tarot Journal, Dealing with Moods, Emotions and Relationships, The Court Cards, Prosperity and Planning, and Healing.

All of Ms. Greer's works are absolutely excellent, and Tarot For Your Self is a must for everyone who uses tarot cards.

~review by Lisa Mc Sherry

Author: Mary K. Greer
Red Wheel Weiser, 2019
pp. 304, 24.95