Now that the chaos of the holidays is over, maybe you're ready to chill out and relax; make some New Year's resolutions or at least some fresh changes. And this is the meditative deck to help you do exactly that: Soulscape cards, which the authors describe as a 32-card poem deck.

Each card bears an affirmation paired with an illustration to bring the message home, one for each day of the month plus a bonus card. The two delightful creators recommend that you pick a card a day, read it and replace it randomly in the pack. Alternatively, pick one a day and after reading it, place it at the back of the pack and then at the end of the month, you can move through it like a flip calendar. You might use the cards for yoga mantras, meditation, as writing prompts, drop them in the mail to friends, hang them on a mirror as affirmations, or put one under your pillow and see what your dreams bring.

This is a deck inspired by the creators' extensive travels, both around the globe and internally. They observed, they listened, they experienced. Are you feeling it? Do you feel connected to the cards and to their journey? There's a psychedelic 60s feel to the cards through their sometimes whimsical pictures. You can get lost in the artwork. Magical carpet ride!  

As you journey through the cards, you can almost feel the card creators reach out to you. There is a sense that they feel your joys and your sorrows, your failures and your accomplishments. They're right there with you. Their words of encouragement come from where you've been and they've been. Simpatico!

Even the keywords on the cards are unexpected. Unplug, let it lie, pack smartly, tilt-a-heart, moments. Very few things beat this for a soul-searching, soul-answering contemplation deck. For example: VULNERABILITY shows a naked young woman with her back to you - no naughties here - approaching a waterfall and the caption is "skinny dip." The flip side has a series of possibilities.

The cards come simply, but attractively packaged. They are made of heavy, quality card stock, highly glossed, and a little narrower than a regular tarot deck They fit easily into your hands,

Due to an experience I had with them, I suggest you make a wish when you start shuffling through the deck.

~review by Judy Blackstone

Creators: Kristina Ambrosia & Janie Walland
32 card deck, $28
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