This profoundly powerful oracle is an absolute must for anyone wanting to delve deeper into the Sacred Hag's energy and wisdom. Comprised of 56 cards, the oracle itself is divided into four suits which introduces the seeker to the Sacred Hags, The Seasons, The Stories and The Spells. The deck is heavily embedded with sigils. Although I am not well versed on sigil magick, I still found this deck friendly and easy to use. The cards are large, composed of well laminated, good quality cardboard stock. The art is deep, symbolic and lovely. The backs are every bit as beautiful as the front. The images are sharp and the wording as well as the sigils are easy to see.

The box is composed of heavy card stock, and opens like a book. I found this problematic, as the box feels too loose and the lid slides around a bit. The deck is separated and the book sits on top of the deck. I'm not a big fan of this particular design. Perhaps it's me being old school, but I like to have the deck as one whole set, not divided in two. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with doing it this way; it's just my personal preference. The seeker can always discard the box in favor of a bag or scarf.

The 153 page text is well bound and contains everything the seeker needs to know in regards to acquainting themselves with the Sacred Hag. Ms. Dulsky does an excellent job in instructing the seeker in how to meet and consult with the Sacred Hag, how to tend the oracle and pay homage to the sacred.

The book is packed stories, rituals, journal prompts and spreads. The spreads I worked with throughout the lunar cycle involved pulling two cards, one in the morning and one in the evening. At the end of the lunar cycle, I consulted my journal and re-read my journey with the cards. I found the deck gave me deeper insight and greater meaning into my personal spiritual journey.

I loved doing the little morning and evening rituals and casting spells. I enjoyed the journal prompts, and the stories that the Hags told, the secrets they shared. Most of all, I was challenged by the questions they posed that made me think deeply about my life's journey.

This is a fantastic oracle,and is by far my favorite when it comes to consulting the Divine Feminine in Crone form. Those who delve into sigil energy will greatly appreciate the power of the sigils, whereas those like me can appreciate the the beauty and form that comes from each design. This oracle is wise, ancient, feminine and divine. I just love this deck, and I think you will, too.

~review by Patricia Snodgrass

Author Danielle Dulskey, Illustrated by Janine Hausman
New World Library, 2021
p. $39.95
pp. 152