Queen Up! helps guide women to embrace their full potential. The system is based on the four tarot queens that represent inspiration (Queen of Wands), passion (Queen of Swords), love (Queen of cups), and abundance (Queen of Pentacles). In today’s busy world where women are expected to balance work and home life while wearing many different hats, this book helps guide you back to reclaiming your inner power. With so much responsibility on her shoulders, today’s woman needs to be reminded of their inner power.

In Part One: Who Is Your Inner Queen? Author Angela Kaufman breaks it down to these sections: Energy is Everything, Mystical Women for Modern Women, and Legend of the Four Queens. This is a great intro of what to expect and to brush up or learn a few of the terms that will be used in the book.

In Part Two, the reader is introduced to the four archetypal Queens and expand on each individually. The book is set up in a workbook type style so you can work the exercises and get to know each of the Queens and their energies. In order to utilize the book, the reader will need to use either their own favorite Tarot card deck or a standard playing card deck. The first exercise guides you through which Queen to work with first and has the most dominant energy in your life at this moment.
Each Queen will have its section that explains what they represent, how to work with them, and exercises specific to the archetype. Even when finished with the book, this provides a great reference to take out time and time again. This section also has guided rituals to help you set you intentions and set your path.

The last section is:  52 Weeks To Queen Up – Your Year of Empowered Living. I really like that approach as I am also guilty of letting my daily practices slide to the side with a busy household. Having a designated section per week is a gentle reminder to take the time to care for my spiritual side that often takes a backseat to kids’ softball or work etc. There is some space to write in the book itself, but I suggest purchasing your own journal to allow plenty of open space to document your journey. For any woman that needs to reclaim her inner Queen, this book is for you!

~review by Amber Barnes

Author: Angela Kaufman
Conari Press, 2018
pp. 176, $15.95