What a fun book! Ms. Brown spent time researching the "unusual, the taboo, and the simply too weird and bonkers" forms of divination and then tested a bunch of them on willing guinea pigs from her facebook page. The research and results are shared in her breezy writing style, making it a lot like sitting down to a 'cuppa' with a good friend who happens to be a witch.

Some of the odder forms of divination were the oenomancy (wine), moleosophy (skin moles), omphalomancy (belly button), and rumpology (buttocks). The readings were as fun as the methodology implies, and interesting as well. Later chapters focus on psychometry, bibliomancy, dowsing, and bones. One chapter discusses the 'taboo' forms, such as necromancy, anthropomancy, and scatomancy. Another looks at omens abd superstitions. The book ends with a chapter on how to do your own readings, and a 'dictionary' of symbols and their meanings.

Aside from my personal opinion that any symbol dictionary is a waste of space (my symbology will not read the same as yours, or his, orĀ  . . . you get the point.), my one small criticism is that we aren't ever told whether the readings were accurate.

More than anything this is a fun little book that will add to your divination collection.

~review by Lisa Mc Sherry

Author: Colette Brown
Dodona Books, 2014
pp. 104, $14.95