The Heart Path Oracle Cards was originally an independently published deck that is now in its second edition, and re-published by Bear and Company. This box set contains a deck of 53 cards and a guidebook. The box is heavily laminated, reusable and sturdy. The cards are large, un-laminated and of excellent quality stock.

The cards themselves depict images of symbols, animals,plants, and people of all ethnicities. The symbols are dreamlike and reach directly into the subconscious. The colors are muted, and beautifully rendered. Each card contains a message, One of the cards, for example, is called The Journey: Nothing is as it seems. The subscript says, “being true to yourself.”  

The guidebook contains a message from the author, instructions on how to use the deck and deeper interpretations for each card. These are broken down into the topic of the card itself, a message for your higher, or authentic self, and an affirmation.

These cards are a wonderful way to delve to one's true heart. They are great for meditation, for exploring one's higher self, or just checking in to see how you are doing. I found journaling along with using the cards an excellent way to document one's journey. Sleep with them as well, and keep a dream journal handy. You'll be surprised as to how accurate they can be. Be creative, and let the cards guide you to your true heart.

Highly recommended.   

~review by Patricia Snodgrass

Author: Nadine Gordon-Taylor
Bear and Company, 2020
Price: $30.00