These cards belong to a long line of gemstone guardians titles by the same author. I'm not sure Soul Purpose was the correct title, Life Purpose would have been better as there's nothing esoteric about these cards. They're grounded, practical and ask good questions on a mundane, everyday level. The deck is very formulaic and repeats the same lay-out in many of her previous works, that of 11 main categories followed by 4 paths to follow.

Is there gemstone guidance? Definitely. But if you're looking for actual guidance from an oracle, you're going to be disappointed. As an example: in a sample reading of a one-card draw, the question is "how can I improve the relationship with my life partner around the issue of quality time spent together?" Way too wordy. The words used take up space, perhaps to make the booklet longer. My years of divination would write that question as "how can my partner and I spend more quality time together?" Worse yet, the answer is obtuse: "the card drawn is from the Investigations Soul Purpose archetype, the Historian and Kambaba Jasper card. It points to your inner historian and archaeologist part of you that resonates with the skills and/or attributes of an historian, such as curiosity, interest in the past, love for detail, meticulous work, patience and perseverance." This leads to your being urged to investigate the past origins of the issue regarding spending quality time together. And to explore your partner's history regarding same. All of that to spend more quality time together? I don't think so.

The 3-card draw isn't any better. Neither is trying to apply this to a 7-card Chakra Layout. It just bogs down.

I also had a problem with the author's choice of picturing a gemstone with questions relating to the life path on one side of the card with the affirmation on the flip side. You are told you can carry the card and refer to its image and not have to carry an actual stone. Wouldn't it be better to have the affirmation along with the stone, to be used together? The questions should be in the booklet along with the other questions and the back of the card left as is.

Finally, some of the careers are a stretch. Let's get real! How many people do you know who are actually going to earn their living by being a comedian? An actor? A visionary? A composer? There are very few ordinary jobs -- like bartender, or janitor, listed.

A knowledge of gemstones is where the author knows her stuff. She should stick to that. You can tell that's where HER heart lies since the word gemstone is in all her oracle titles. Her purpose would be better served by following her heart.

There are several good oracles out there. This isn't one of them.  

~ review by Judy Blackstone

Author: Margaret Ann Lembo
Findhorn Press, 2020
144 cards, $19.99