Author Hendrickson previously brought us Ancestral Tarot  as a way to connect with our ancestors, uncover family mysteries and help heal multi-generational trauma. She continues this journey with readers in her latest release Ancestral Grimoire. Now readers can go further and create their own Book of Shadows.

The book is set up as more of a workbook that works through exercises each month using divination methods to connect to specific ancestors. The reader will need to have at least one tarot deck of cards. Other tools that the reader will want to buy before starting the journey is a blank journal, pens and colored pencils, glue or tape to add items in the book, one or two oracle decks (note these are different from tarot cards), a pendulum and board, index cards and things to cast such as wooden discs, charms stones etc).

The book is divided into two parts. In Part I: Tools for Divination the chapters include: Getting Started, Meet the Ancestors, Seasons, Months, and Sabbats, The Land of the Tarot, and the Tools. Part II: Building Your Ancestral Grimoire features: Year of Ancestors, Turning the Tables, Before You Go, and Closing Thoughts. The book also has some great reference info in the Appendix A, B, and C for Resources, Charts, and the Wheel of the Year.

What I loved best about the book is the setup. Whether the reader is a beginner or has been practicing for quite some time, the various months provide a number of easy to follow and engaging activities to connect with your ancestors and enhance your magical path.

By the time the reader has finished the book, they will have a full understanding on how to pave their magical path into everyday life. I recommend this book for a spot on the shelf for beginners and advanced practitioners!

~review by Amber Barnes

Author: Nancy Hendrickson
Weiser Books, 2022
pp. 224, $17.95