In the book How to Become a Mermaid, The author begins telling of her introduction to this watery realm. She tells of meeting mermaids in the astral realm while connected with water. She asked if she could receive guidance in bringing their wisdom to the Earth realm and said relays that her request was granted. This is how the premise of the book began and she guides on a magickal journey to explore the mermaid realm of unconditional love, empathy, healing and more.
Personally I was very excited to hear about this book. As a young child I was lucky my parents owned a house with a pool. Endless hours were spent swimming and pretending to be a mermaid during my youth. I have always been enchanted by these creatures and love them even today. (even as an adult, I proudly wear my Little Mermaid watch and purse) I can relate to the author and her love for the water. One of my favorite quotes from the author said “If water could talk, then it would be a mermaid.”

The book discusses mermaids existing in the astral or spirit realm. Luckily this is a place anyone with desire can visit and the author guides the readers how they can connect to the mermaid realm in the spirit world. The book is broken into thirteen chapters after the introduction of meeting mermaids. The chapters include: What Is a Mermaid, The Water Element, Incarnated Mermaids and their Abilities, How My Merman Found Me, Friendships with Ordinary Fish, How to Build a Mer-Realm, The Astral Mer-Realm, My Experiences with Astral Mermaids, Astral Allies in the Mer-Realm, Questions about Mermaids, How to Become a Mermaid, How to Make a Difference as a Mermaid, A word of caution and of course additional Mermaid Resources and Index.

The chapter names alone are intriguing and accompanied with an eye catching illustrated cover.  As we dive into the book, (pun intended) the author teaches the reader how to view the astral realm. In the astral, emotions are key. In the astral realm thoughts and emotions can be formed. Connecting with the mermaid realm can help reconnect the reader to emotions and manifesting dreams. While it is not necessary to be near an ocean to connect with mermaids, they are more attracted to similar vibrations so utilizing any water available will be helpful. Since humans are composed of roughly 60% water, most can easily relate and understand how vital water is in many forms to our survival and well-being. The next step is understanding the spiritual aspects of water. The author provides meditations to help the reader to connect. There are also great additional suggestions to help the reader connect with water such as sending positive energy to your water before you drink and so many more examples. These are great exercises that can be used more than once.

After the author established some of the basic foundations, we are treated to some interesting theories and stories. I personally was fascinated with the idea of incarnated mermaids, which is merpeople who have incarnated into human bodies. These people are typically known for great empathy, a sense of completeness and are lovers. (Many times we may see them in counselors and other professions that help others).

Another portion of the book I loved was the author’s personal experiences and relationships with her pet betta. They were fascinating and enjoyable to follow along.

The entire book is easy to read and feels like you are chatting with the author at a cute small coffee shop. The length is perfect and I enjoyed this book very much. For any readers out there who feel connected to the ocean and water, and of course, mermaids. This book in enchanting and I highly recommend.

~review by Amber Barnes

Author: Elyrria Swann
Destiny Books, 2021
pp. 128, $14.99