Death is something that both fascinates and frightens us. It is inevitable for all living things. Talking about death is almost taboo and I found this book interesting diving right in with its open and honest look into dying. The book is set up into 7 sections that include: Ancestors and Guides, Time Space and Perception, Sitting with Death, Dying, Death, The Spirit World, and Healing the Dead. 

To some degree, most people may have some sort of ancestral altar. This can be a simple shelf, cabinet etc that items or photos can be placed to honor our passed loved ones. The book describes many ways that the reader can set one up. I loved the idea of the evolving altar the author mentions. Adding and changing to a dedicated space to a passed love one doesn’t have to stay the same. It can help keep them in your heart and mind while keeping that spiritual relationship alive. 

In our home we have pictures and some lovely glass blown pieces made with cremains from my older brother and father combined in a lovely glass ball. We have a corner cabinet that it sits on along side some framed pictures of them. It has been a way for our family to keep their memory alive and still have part of them around. 

The author also shares some personal stories how our loved ones also communicate back with us. This was one of my favorites as I too have experienced signs and communications from both my brother and father from the other side both in dreams and in the physical world. My brother likes to send butterflies while my dad loves to leave dimes. (and you can usually tell because they will appear in strange locations etc). The book touches on the subject of spirit communications, how they connect back but that is not the focus of the book. The theme is embracing what the other side is like and how our beloved dead are not really gone. I also found calling those who have passed on as “beloved dead” is a lovely way to describe them! 

While you have a spirit guide with you from birth, the person’s beloved dead and ancestors often join in the ‘spiritual crew’ that help and guide you throughout life. The author recommends having a specific journal to write down experiences to document the reader’s journey. Whether the reader already has some mediumship abilities or not, the author helps provide a self-guided tour to working on these gifts. They are easy to follow and with practice can help the reader communicate better. 

This book doesn’t shy away from death, but asks the readers to embrace this inevitable experience every living thing will endure. Death doesn’t have to be scary. Death doesn’t have to be an end. Death can also be a beautiful release and we have the ability to stay connected with the energy of our loved ones.

This book is highly recommended for anyone who is still wanting to maintain that connection and looking for guidance on how they can connect.

~review by Amber Barnes

Author: Salicrow
Destiny Books, April 4, 2023
pp. 128, $16.99