Christine Arylo's book Overwhelmed and Over It is a treat. It is not the same tired rendition of fake it until you make it toxic positivity   that masquerades as self help. Overwhelmed and Over it is authentic, practical and transformative. Ms. Arylo mentors the reader gently, calmly with humor and purpose. She discusses how the over culture is designed by nature to burn us out, to exhaust us. We simply cannot thrive in the world where everything is all pressure all the time, and she has a solution for it.

Through easy to follow instructions, Ms. Arylo shows us how to sustain our life force, how to work wiser, not smarter, and when overwhelm does kick in, we press our “harmonize” buttons and center.
Her glyphs are insightful and inspiring, each one an 'ah,ha!' moment. One of the glyphs  that struck me as an “ah, ha” moment was on page 122, entitled Honor your Rhythm. It had simply never occurred to me to bookend my days. Instead, I plowed through each day and collapsed on the bed too exhausted to sleep. This one glyph held the solution to my daily overwhelm.

There are affirmations that actually work, journal prompts, guided questions and small daily rituals to explore. Through these gentle lessons, we are able to release our exhaustion and burnout and live a more harmonious, sustainable life.

This is a book that I highly recommend reading once every three months. It is so dense with information that the reader cannot absorb it all at once. It is so practical, loving, and most of all, useful. Overwhelmed in Over it is not just a book to read, but a book to be lived.

~review by Patricia Snodgrass

Author: Christine Arylo
New World Library, 2020
p. 323 $17.95