Found! What the early feminists of the mid-60's were missing! Something to hang their femininity onto. Their goddess.

This is the perfect book for the current national health crisis and quarantines. There's a lot here to read, An 8x10 inches book with 472 pages. It's like reading War and Peace.

But it's not just reading. It's digesting. This is the kind of material you read, then mull over. then ponder. Then do it again. If it all wasn't so well documented, you'd be tempted to toss it aside as the wild ravings of a disgruntled woman. Except the authors are a man and a woman. A married couple who have researched and written award-winning books.

They took away our Goddess and now we're reclaiming her. It's sure to rattle a few cages. Here is the ultimate treatise on the feminine mystique. The feminine mysteries. We have witches, we have goddesses, we have the Nag Hamadi papers, we have Mary mother of Jesus, and most of all, we have Mary Magdalene.

Whore or disciple? And so many secrets revealed that have been kept well-hidden for centuries.The ancient religions honored women and gave them status and worshiped goddesses. Until jealous priests usurped their place and degraded them. Women were just too powerful for their liking. And they feared them. Jealousy is a terrible thing.

It wasn't just the religious significance when women were made second-class citizens. It also gave rise to social injustices and socio-economic issues.  The book answers so many of those nagging questions regarding what we've always been taught to believe. It starts in antiquity, thousands of years ago. Then it moves up to the two Marys, the birth of Jesus and the subsequent crucifixion, the aftermath and much more. Be prepared for a few shocks!

Things that have been suppressed and repressed are about to come to light. My Goddess gave birth to your God. Indeed. You'll revisit Lilith, who preceded Eve but refused to be subservient. You'll read about the female half of God, called Sophia, who was wisdom ,The Shekinah, whom the Catholic Church turned into the Holy Spirit.

You have to read this book with an open mind. This is not a book for those who say, "Don't bother me with the facts. I've already made up my mind."

The time has come.  The Age of Aquarius is set to shine a light and the truth will be revealed. The truth shall set you free.

~reviewed by Judy Blackstone

Seren Bertrand & Azra Bertrand
Bear & Company, 2020
472 pps., $30