This isn't as big a book as you'd expect if it were giving you the meanings of symbols in your dreams. It isn't a dream dictionary. Rather,this is pretty much a do-it-yourself manual. The author encourages you to decide for yourself what the images in your dreams mean.

She proposes that our dreams are very personal to us.which is why certain symbols have personal meaning. Most of our dreams are based on our experiences and while some symbols may be universal, others are not. She wants you to explore those.

But she suggests several different things you can use to give you a doing it. Some of the suggestions are dream pillows and dedicated crystals. They become totally personal when you can either create them yourself which infuses them with your own personal energy, like dream pillows,or dedicate a crystal(s) to your own special purpose. There are many types of crystals or gemstones that you can use. Start with one that appeals to you then work with it and check whether it wants to work with you.

Keeping a dream journal will help you remember the dream and prompt you to fill in the details. The good thing is, you can go back more than once to the journal as you remember more details in the dream.  The dream will become more real and make it easier to figure out what it was trying to tell you.The author then proceeds to recount several different dreams of hers and explain what the imagery meant to her. I think it might help you to decipher some of your own dreams.

I find it to be one of the better self-help books. Besides, you get to read stories while you're analyzing.

~review by Judy Blackstone

author: Krystina Sypniewski
Moon Books, 2023
115 pp.