The Crystal Oversoul Cards comes in a lovely, reusable box.The 66 healing cards that comes with this box set are large, lightly laminated and made from good, sturdy cardboard stock. Each card bears a watercolor rendering of various crystal mandalas. The name of the crystal is written clearly on the bottom of each card, and is numbered on the top. The cards are quite large but are not cumbersome to use. The energy from this deck feels soothing and healing. This box set comes with a 233 page book that guides the seeker into the world of Lemurian spirituality. The book gives a brief history on humankind's relationship with the Crystal Oversouls, which are accessed through the deck as well as through several meditations that the reader can download online. The text also explains how to attune to the crystal oversouls via the chakra system.

The rest of the book is a guide that takes the seeker through each of the crystal mandalas. Each crystal mandala page contains a brief listing that contains chakras, elements, number of points for a grid, corresponding scent and lunar phase. Next, the text explains the mandala and how it relates to the seeker. For example, when I pulled Lapis Lazuli, the card revealed this:

“What we ultimately seek is the truth of our own being, the power and eternity of our inner light.” pp. 47 It goes on to say, “Lapus Lazuli serves us as a safe guide into the depths within ourselves in order to realize the peace of our essential nature.” pp.48

The text for each crystal mandala includes a few paragraphs of advice to contemplate as one meditates upon the mandala.

This is a lovely deck, but it is more of a meditational tool than an oracle deck. It's great for attuning to crystals and accessing one's higher self. The deck is beautifully rendered, the text is easy to read and the instructions are clear and to the point. This deck is highly useful as a meditation tool as well as a tool to access one's higher self. One could feasibly do shadow work with it as well. Play with it, be creative and see how it works for you.

~review by Patricia Snodgrass

Author: Michael Eastwood
Findhorn Press, 2020
pp.223, $30.00