Necromancy is usually seen as either a joke or evil, but neither perspective is accurate. In truth, it is the practice of communicating with the dead and the sheer amount of misconceptions makes The Bones Fall in a Spiral such a vital book. It's also wonderful to read, one of the best books I've read all year.

Divided into two parts, The Bones Fall educates and informs the reader in what seems like every aspect of necromancy. Part One is a kind of basic primer for the practice of necromancy. Here the reader is given a framework for understanding and working with the dead, primarily through the lens of Ancient Greek and Egyptian mythologies. Suggested tools for a necromancer’s toolkit are outlined, followed by a guide to the basic of a necromantic practice. This includes setting up an altar and making offerings. Here the author's background as a mortician brilliantly combines with their experience as a High Priestix, offering wisdom and insight. Refreshingly, the author clearly cites when the information is from their UPG while citing a wide background of sources. The second part is the author’s “Book of Shades,” (instead of the traditional Book of Shadows), a collection of rituals, spells, and exercises that allows the reader to create their own practice.

With its focus on practices unique to necromancy and death work, I can't recommend The Bones Fall in a Spiral to people completely new to a magical practice; this is not a book for beginner witches. To those readers with a serious interest in understanding and utilizing necromancy to their own personal practices I say: you will not be disappointed.

~review by Lisa McSherry

Author: Mortellus
Crossed Crow Books, 2023
pp. 272, $25.95